Join us for the announcement and celebration of the 2022 Laureates for Daylight Research and Daylight in Architecture

Livestreaming from
Copenhagen, Denmark
Monday 16 May 2022 at 18:30 (CEST)

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Please write where you are participating from and what daylight means to you?

What is
The Daylight Award?

The Daylight Award honors and supports daylight research and daylight in architecture.

It acknowledges and encourages scientific knowledge and practical application of daylight, which interlink disciplines that are usually addressed in separated, monocultural spheres, professional circles or practices.

The Daylight Award strives to raise a holistic understanding of daylight, and increase its positive impact on life.


Daylight community of architects, researchers, educators and  students, celebrating the 2022 Laureates for Daylight Research and Daylight in Architecture.

The Daylight Award is
given in two categories


The Daylight Award for Research is awarded to individuals or smaller groups of scientists who have distinguished themselves as outstanding contributors to internationally recognised daylight research. It acknowledges highly original and influential advances in the areas of natural science, human science or social science, with special emphasis on the effects of daylight on human health, well-being and performance.


The Daylight Award for Architecture is awarded to one or more architects or other professionals who have distinguished themselves by realising architecture or creating urban environments that showcase unique use of daylight. Special emphasis will be put on architecture that considers the overall quality of life, its impact on human health, well-being and performance, and its value to society.


The award winner in each category is rewarded with a personal prize of 100.000 €.

Daylight as well as artificial light is shared by everyone across the globe, yet as light changes rather quietly without a notice or a sound, we often forget to appreciate its unique qualities. My fascination with fleeting moments of light and their connection to space led me to my interest in design, and now I question how the design world contributes to the data and science of light and space.

— Yunni Cho


The community around daylight first and foremost excists trough the tremendious work done by the world’s leading scientist, professors and architects. Here we shed light on some of them.


What does daylight mean to you? What does daylight mean to you? What does daylight mean to you? What does daylight mean to you?

The following reflections are shared by people in our daylight community.

What does daylight mean to you?