What is The Daylight Award Community?

The Daylight Award Community is a professional network of researchers, architects, educators and students who are bringing new knowledge, innovation and applications of daylight, leading to an increased benefit and appreciation of its importance for people and the environment

The Daylight Award strives to be more than an award. Therefore we are reaching out to a wider community of younger researchers and architects with the purpose of showcasing what they are working with right now – by asking the questions: What are your personal reflections when we are talking daylight? And what inspires and drives you?

Daylight as well as artificial light is shared by everyone across the globe, yet as light changes rather quietly without a notice or a sound, we often forget to appreciate its unique qualities. My fascination with fleeting moments of light and their connection to space led me to my interest in design, and now I question how the design world contributes to the data and science of light and space.

— Yunni Cho


The community around daylight is built through the tremendous work done by researchers, architects, educators and students. Here we shed light on some of them.


What does daylight mean to you? What does daylight mean to you? What does daylight mean to you? What does daylight mean to you?

The following reflections are shared by people in our daylight community.

What does daylight mean to you?



The Daylight Award Posters

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