The Daylight Award laureates give lectures at the outreach events in the year after the award ceremony. Due to Covid-19 there have not been planned lectures for 2021.

Watch the documentaries about our 2020 Laureates and find the lectures from 2019 and 2017 below.

Outreach Lectures in Paris 2019

On 9 October 2019, the two laureates of The Daylight Award 2018 Hiroshi Sambuichi and Greg Ward, gave lecture at the 8th Daylight Symposium held at the impressive Le Carreau du Temple in Paris France. Their lecture attended an audience of more than 600 scientists, researchers, architects and other built environment professionals.

Daylight Symposium, held every second year since 2005, is an internationally recognized event focusing on daylight research, education, practices and policy making. The 8th Daylight Symposium maintained its broad architectural agenda related to daylight, while sharing new ground-breaking research within a like-minded community.

The program consisted of a mix of invited speakers and selected submitted papers related to daylight, building performance and human health, as well as architectural case studies.

The event was organised by The VELUX Group.

Outreach Lecture by Greg Ward

Portrait of Hiroshi Sambuichi, Laureate of The Daylight Award 2018 for Daylight in Architecture
Portrait of Greg Ward, Laureate of The Daylight Award 2018 for Daylight Research

Outreach Lectures in Zurich and Copenhagen 2017

On 7 November, the two laureates of The Daylight Award 2016, Steven Holl and Marilyne Andersen, held two lectures at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) moderated by two members of The Daylight Award Jury, Aki Kawasaki and Hubert Klumpner.

On 8 November, the laureates visited The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture (KADK). Per Olaf Fjeld and Florence Lam – both members of The Daylight Award Jury – moderated this event.

Steven Holl and Marilyne Andersen gave two inspiring lectures on their work within daylight in architecture and daylight research at both events. The lectures were free and open to anyone with an interest in daylight research and architecture and over 500 people attended the lectures.

See photos from the event on the Media page.

The events were organised by The VELUX Foundations, ETH Zurich and KADK and realised in collaboration with local partners.

Outreach Lecture by Steven Holl

Outreach Lecture by Marilyne Andersen