How to nominate

The nominations for The Daylight Award 2022 are closed.

The nominations for The Daylight Award 2022 are closed.

Nominations are accepted, internationally, from peers who have a knowledge of and interest in advancing outstanding daylight research and unique use of daylight in architecture.

Nominations should include the reasoning for how the candidate meets the award criteria. For the category of Daylight in Architecture, please provide a list of a few relevant projects, together with a link to more detailed information including the photographs.

For the category Daylight Research, please list a few relevant research papers by their title, or include a link to the summary of each paper.

Please note that self-nominations will not be accepted.

The Award director actively solicits nominations from past laureates, professional organizations, architects, researchers and other professionals who have an expertise and interest in the field of daylight research and daylight in architecture.

Additionally, the Award director accepts individual nominations from architects, researchers and other professionals for consideration by the jury for The Daylight Award.

Nominations for 2022 were accepted until 30 September 2021. Nominations that do not result in the award are automatically carried over to the following year. The 2022 laureates will be announced on the UNESCO International Day of Light, 16 May 2022.

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